Year in Review & Leaving a Statement


  • Get your hands dirty into LeetCoding, System Design, and Open Source if placements are 1000 hours away. I went drilling full-on DS & Algos and achieved 750+ problems on LeetCode, 850+ across all platforms in a stretch of 400+ days.
  • I was able to crack online assessments of Microsoft, Cisco, Twitter, Amazon, MotorQ, Zoho, etc.
  • P.S. I might be the right person to ask about preparation for product companies, so check out my blog on Programming Interviews.
  • Statement: “Intent > Tier 2. I Can > IQ, When you march on, the universe conspires & reshapes itself to make it happen.”


  • We won our 12th hackathon at IIT Madras before graduating, with which our spidey sense told us that Hackathons had poor effort vs ROI cap. Our building interests changed.
  • Takeaways: Strongly trust what you think, loosely held. The computation platform keeps changing every decade. Ben Horowitz predicted the rise of crypto, web3, DAOs, and DeFis. Flow towards what’s important.
  • Statement: “On the internet, if you’re not growing you’re dying. Since the internet is always growing rapidly, stagnant growth means you’re actually declining. If you’re in the 2020s, if you’re not building, you’re missing out.”

Handling burnouts:

  • Eat clean, sleep early n’ tight. If you’re a “proactive” person, discover your small pleasures, things you feel are creative. Like a child. I termed them “reactive breaks”.
  • Watch what Adam Grant says about burnout.
  • Statement: “Be, that’s enough. Do it because you’re privileged. You do it because you can. What flows, flows. What crashes, crashes.”

Distributed Systems, DevOps, Cloud:

  • Got into distributed systems, DevOps, Cloud, AWS in theory, and building projects.
  • Built a single binary agent, to log OS metrics (on OS, K8s, Docker, DB), and stream those log files to forecast and predict downtime. Similar to ManageEngine by Zoho.
  • Statement: “Distributed Systems is EFFIN’ COOL! Look out for it in the 2020s.”

Building — Phase 2:

  • Reminds me of the line towards the end of Alice in Wonderland. The red queen, I believe, makes such a comment about how fast you have to run to stay at the same place versus get anywhere.
  • Build in your 20s.
  • Statement: “Be vulnerable, You’re anyway gonna die, caring about judgments rationally won’t make sense. Genuine curiosity is a superpower!”

That’s about it for 2021.

Just opened up a few slots on for

  • Virtual coffee and networking
  • 1:1 Mentorship
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Review

You can book your slot if you feel I can help you in the above areas.

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